Monday, February 21, 2011

Counting blessings

No, I have not had a bad day or major trials; I am just really wanting to visually see my blessing written instead of just listing them in my head. Yes, I can do it on my own paper, but then it will get lost in the many piles of stuff I have in my house, this is a much better way to keep the list and have it where I can find it in the future. Here goes...

-He is a fantastic reader!
-He knows Spanish
-He is very smart
-He is really good with Haley
-He is willing to try new foods now
-He is active and a fast walker
-He is faithful
-He is creative and has a great imagination

-He is obedient (most of the time)
-He has a voice
-He is willing to play on his own
-He loves sports
-He will eat bananas
-He is a clean boy
-He has a good imagination

-He is a sweet tempered boy
-Everyone loves him in nursery
-He voulenteers for anything
-He helps whenever he can
-He is eager to play with his brothers
-He says "I love you, mom" and "Thank you" all the time

-She was born full-term, strong and healthy
-She is beautiful!
-Her hair is awesome!
-She has pretty blue eyes
-She can laugh and cry and smile and hold her head up
-She can see and hear

There are more than this but these are the main ones I can think of now. Besides my kids I am thankful that Rob has a great job. We have a house and a garage that is newly cleaned. Our food storage is coming right along that that is great. Rob is probably not thankful for this but he has plenty of work shirts (that he/we can iron). I am thankful to be in primary with the girls I teach and that I can know what my kids are learning and the songs they are learning. We are healthy.

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Alisa said...

What great pictures. I think it is so important to list our blessings-- a good way to keep perspective. Your kids are so cute.