Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Accomplishments this weekend

For a three day weekend we were able to do some fun stuff. The big three include:
Haley played in the snow on Sunday and LOVED the whole experience. Wait, let me back up. She loved playing in the snow once we took off her shoes. That girl HATES shoes so much. The boys wanted to go play and so did she. I tried to put the shoes on her and put her down on the ground to show her that she could go and play. But she sat there and screamed! It is like putting a boot on a car's tire. She will not move when there are shoes on her feet. Well, I figured she had double socks on, she could still play. So, I took her shoes off and she was gone.
At first she stuck to the sidewalks only. But soon there was no holding her back. She followed the boys into the back yard and investigated Caleb's small snowman.
At least she will keep a hat and gloves on. She loved it all, except the shoe part.
Second task, I finally finished the Easter pillowcases for my kids. This weekend I hunkered down and did the last things I needed to have them ready for Easter time.
I think my boys will like them. In case you cannot tell, the pillow cases with bunnies are supposed to look like they have grass on them and eggs "hidden" here and there in the grass. I made the eggs out of scraps of material I had lying around, things my boys would like or are interested in. So, there are robot eggs, eggs with flames, an egg with bambi on it; random but fun stuff. If you look closely enough there are small imperfections but it was fun to make them, design them out in my head and to finally have them finished. Now I need to take a break from sewing (even though I have other projects in my head being designed) and work on a different task.
Last but not least, we built a fort/castle yesterday for the boys to play on. Do not get me wrong, we have plenty of other stuff to play with at our house. Legos, the Bat Cave, a king's castle.... but what boy does not need a cardboard fortress added to his collection?
Peter also had me make a Dersley's house (from Harry Potter) for him to play on. That is all Peter will think about, Harry Potter. The boys enjoyed playing with the boxes while I glued stuff together. Caleb even made himself a robot body out of one of the boxes. Good times were had by all.

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Elisa said...

That shoe thing is classic...You may have to put a rubber soul on her socks for the summer!

Did you make Peter a room in a dark closet?

Fun weekend!