Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Task #2

Catching up with documenting my children's lives through pictures - speed version.
Since I have got so many pictures to go through and so many fun things to remember I am taking the easy road and going month to month. I have a friend who takes her photos from each week and catalogs them for her family. A quick snap-shot into their life for the week. Very cool idea. But since I have over a years worth of photos to go through and I really do want to remember it all, I am going month to month, and hopefully getting caught up. So, here is my first go at it. Forgive the poor photo quality, it is late and this is not my only task at hand.

I will hopefully be able to do a sheet for each of my four children for each month. They already love looking at the picture books I have done for them in the past so my hope is this will help them enjoy their childhood, even if it is only a month at a time.

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