Friday, February 17, 2012

Lego Awesomeness

So, as the boys were playing legos I set out to put together all of the people - again. They always seem to change outfits and move heads around. I decided to round them all up and call attendance. It is amazing and incredible!
The final count is 108! It would be 110 but we are missing one Hagrid and Princess Leah. Amazing! Plus the boys have at least 7 more they can earn for doing good things. Whoa. I so wish Peter's class had done a 100 day project where they had to collect 100 of something to show how far they had come in school. We totally would have done 100 lego mini-figs and it would have been the coolest!

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Alisa said...

What great pictures. Legos are the best. Have you seen the new girl ones? Just in time for Haley.