Wednesday, February 1, 2012

So many things to say

There have been so many random things happen the last couple of weeks that I want to remember. For example, Haley:
Haley LOVES these sunglasses. Cutest thing ever!
Haley is getting pretty good at feeding herself, when she chooses to eat.
Haley still HATES shoes! She loves to be outside but will not walk around in her shoes.
Funny girl.
Cute moment of the three of them playing their angry birds game. Haley loves to put the bird in the catapult and watch it fly.
Then there is Peter, he is such a cool little kid. We have been counting down to his birthday this week, 4 days and counting. He is excited. He also had another special countdown and school, he recently celebrated his 100th day of school. Pretty big stuff.
So, for dinner I made him his favorite sausage with pancakes. If you cannot see my cleverness I spelled out 100 for him. He kept grabbing more sausage and remaking 100. It was very cute.
Peter and Caleb also celebrated something special together at school. They were both recognized as Student of the Month. They were so excited and happy to be up on the board together. Peter was recognized for caring and Caleb for self-discipline. Also on the same day that Caleb received Student of the Month he also rocked a literacy test at school. He came home with the results of his SRI (reading test done by computer) and they were phenomenal. Not to brag but he improved from his old test by almost 200 points and he had the highest score in his class! He was so happy.
One other mentionable thing about Caleb is he finally has a permanent teacher for the remainder of the school year. Oh what a roller coaster this third grade year has been! To make a long story shorter; his first teacher quit right before Christmas break. Then they hired a new teacher to start after Christmas break. She taught them for one day then she quit too! (I won't even post the picture we took with her.) ARGH! For the next 2 weeks these kids had a substitute until the teacher pictured above could begin teaching. Her name is Senora Call and she seems really good. She is a native so the students will hear the real deal accent in Spanish and they are back on track to learning.
Finally my sweet William. Oh this boy is a wonderful kid. In this picture he is holding a boat that his primary teachers made for each of the kids from their lesson on Sunday. He was so excited about it. He is one of the best sunbeams in Primary which makes things a little easier on his teachers. But what is even more important than the boat in this picture is that this Big Boy is wearing underwear! You heard that right, he is on his way to no diapers! Yahoo! We are so proud of him and his progress. It has not been all perfection but he is doing great. He is learning to go on his own every now and then and is gaining control of the whole idea. He tells me every now and then that, "potty training is hard," but he is doing fabulous. What a great achievement!

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