Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine's Preparations - check!

We have successfully finished making all the valentines we need for school parties. Yea! Now we do not have to worry about that this weekend and it will be all Peter for his birthday. Good thing, I did not want to make the boys glue any hearts on Peter's birthday, it should just be his day. There were so many cute ideas out there this year for Valentines, we could not decide. For their boxes the boys chose owls and puppies, Willy did one of each because he loved them both so much. Then for our Valentines we did the pirates with the heart eye-patch, lions, elephants, penguins, caterpillars, and my personal favorite - the robots.
The robots were so fun to make because we could chose whatever shape we wanted for the body and then the boys loved putting on the gems and glitter. It was awesome. Caleb wrote down cute sayings on each of his Valentines and they are excited to hand them out Tuesday. Willy even made some for his primary class on Sunday and he is so excited to give them away. What fun! Now for Peter. I hope his day is wonderful.

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Elisa said...

So cute Mom of the Year! Those robots are especially impressive!