Monday, March 12, 2012

First day of school - revisited

At Parent Teacher conference it was brought up that half-day kindergarten was moving up to full day if the family wanted to make the commitment. Peter enthusiastically said he wanted to go all day. We talked to him about it, made sure he understood what it all meant and that mom would miss him a lot. He made the decision that he wanted to go all day, his main reason was eating lunch at school and being with his best friend Payton more. I think that he does not want to miss out on anything that happens at school if he comes home early and it is such a novelty right now. So, we signed him up and today was the first. He woke up very excited. We packed the lunch and gave Caleb very strict instructions that he not forget to go pick up Peter at the front of the school when the day was done. I was going to meet them on the walk but Caleb was so excited to have a walking buddy. I did not want him to forget that walking buddy on his first big day.
Before school.
I went to pick them up and I waited on the other side of the crosswalk so not to get in the way of exiting children. We waited and waited and waited. Then a lady from our ward came out with her kids and she said she just saw Caleb and he was exclaiming that he almost forgot Peter as he was dashing back to the school! Crazy kid! I can just see him walking along, alone, and all of sudden he realized that he was missing someone. Arms flailing he dashed back to the school. Such cute boys!
Anyway, back to Peter. He was exhausted! I mean so tired. He was a snail coming home on that walk! But he said he had a great day. Loved his lunch and had fun at school. Only bad thing is that his friend Payton bailed on him. Payton went back to half-day kindergarten and so Peter cannot eat lunch with him. Peter is sort of bummed. And did I mention he was wasted after school!
Upon walking through the front door after school.
Look at that tired trooper! He did it though, one full day of kindergarten under his belt. And he went to bed so excited for another full day tomorrow. I think Caleb likes it just as much a Peter, Caleb is so happy he gets to walk home with him. Let's just hope he remembers to get him tomorrow.

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