Monday, March 5, 2012

Snow or Seuss?

This was a three day weekend for the boys and it kicked off with Dr. Seuss' birthday. Now I thought it would be fun to have some Seussical activities to entertain the boys on Friday, just so that we would not get bored. We had painting planned, making up your own Seuss type book, jumping contests; all that fun stuff. But it was all set aside the moment Haley went for a nap and we went outside in the snow. Snow forts are so much more fun than Seuss.
Also to be remembered is that on Sunday our family grew by one. William's primary teachers gave each of the Sunbeams a goldfish.
Total excitement by all of the kids and anxiety by mom. Rob says he is indifferent because as he so matter of factly stated, "I won't be here when it dies." Thanks a lot!!! I really hope this little fish, named Twilight, survives for a good while. William loves it! And he is such a sensitive kid when it comes to book characters dying, I do not like to think what will happen if anything goes wrong with this new pet adventure. Please live long little Twilight.

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