Saturday, March 17, 2012

Week in review

We did a lot of fun things this week but I do not feel like breaking it all up into mini-entries. Besides, I think I am the only one that looks at this thing anymore (speak up if I am wrong) so it feels as if this is really for my own enjoyment to look back and see what my family has been up to.
First off, as I mentioned before Peter is in all day kindergarten and he has been coming home so tired everyday. But he seems to be enjoying the time at school. With him at school so long it affords William, Haley and I more time together. It has been very pleasant. Willy and I have been able to do school time together, relax more together. I have been able to take showers in the middle of the day and be productive, it has been nice. A few of our activities included reading together, play-doh, dancing. One day we pulled out the eggs and dyed some for Easter. It was Haley's first time and she was thrilled with the liberties given to her. To place her hand in the dye, handle the egg without restraint, and watch the magic happen as the egg (and her hand) transformed into a different color. And she got to do it with her best buddy William (they really do get along well). William loved coloring the eggs too, he is at the point where he likes to mix the colors to see what happens.
That smile says it all!
Another fun thing we did this week with everyone was blow painting. William was studying the letter B this week so we blew Q-tips dipped in paint out of straws and had so much fun with it all.
I love Peter's puffed out cheeks, blowing as hard as he can. The boys loved doing targets and seeing how good their aim was.
William, preparing to blow with all his might. Paint on his shirt and all, everything is okay.
She could not be happier. Given the chance to paint like a big girl; whether it was the paper, the actual paint container or her brother's paper, she was loving it.
On with the week. The weather has been so nice around here and they wanted to play outside. Haley absolutely loves the outdoors, without shoes of course. They were all in the backyard and Haley discovered the garden boxes, with all of that fresh - easy to dig in dirt. She climbed right in and with the help of some trucks she had a great time. Oh, how fun it was to watch her play, and what a good feeling to know that she did not care about getting down and dirty. She was in the thick of grabbing dirt and dumping dirt. It was great.
Then after her mean parents made her get out and eat her dinner Caleb and Peter dove right into the dirt fun and were attempting to dig a hole to China. But they eventually stopped their endeavor and came inside for the night.
Now for today, St. Patrick's day. The boys had fun (aside from one small war waged between two older boys) and declared it the best Clover Day ever. Peter was thrilled to be the first child awake and to find all the fun things the leprechaun had done through the night.
The leprechaun played with all the kid's green toys, left them fun little activities to do through the day, even left them something called a rainbow plant that the boys planted and will watch grow. They also found tons of sweet green goodies to munch on and the leprechaun also found all the eggs we are storing at our house and did an egg hunt out of all green eggs. Genius. Plus the boys loved finding the toilet water green, a surprise they found later in the day of more candy, and they proclaimed the leprechaun "tricky."
Here they are enjoying their pots-of-gold cupcake after the clover hunt. So much fun.
And as a side-note for myself to remember my crazy crafty ideas for my kids, this project was completed tonight - ready to be given to my cute kids for Easter. I saw this idea on the Internet and ran with it. Little chicks that can hatch out of their decorated egg.
There is a chick for each egg and one for each child. It was fun stitching a design on each one. They are such cute kids and I like doing silly things like this for them.
A close-up of Williams, because one of his favorite things is a rainbow.

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