Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Time together = time well spent

Since Sunday we have been doing some projects together that have been really fun and have gotten some creative juices flowing.
Project #1:All day Sunday Caleb was begging for us to make a leprechaun trap. He knew that the leprechaun had already come, he just wanted to make one. So, after church we got out some supplies and went to down. First it was only Caleb who wanted one, then William joined in and finally Peter could not resist. They turned out really cute. The boys saw a few ideas from the internet but for the most part they are the boy's ideas. Caleb even wrote up some cute signs for his leprechaun to read.
Project #2: This project went so well. It was fun, we spent almost 2 and a half hours working on it, and the boys loved the outcome. I got the idea from the internet to make a body book where you can flip the pages and change how the person looks or dresses, whether it be the head, body or feet. Then I scoured the web for different paper doll printable that the boys could use. Astronauts, cowboys, knights, robots, santa, swimmer kids, soccer and football dudes. We all sat down and started coloring, cutting and gluing and before I knew it it was time for dinner. It was wonderful to pass the time so nicely. The house was a MESS of paper afterward but the final product was worth it. Here is a sneak peak.
From Peter's book, this is the first page without any flipping of pages to change the body.
From Caleb's book, a cowboy/robot/policeman.
From Willy's book, a soccer player/robot girl. The boys loved looking at all the books and changing the bodies around so much. A lot of fun laughter.
Project #3: Since yesterday was the first day of Spring we placed some beautifully painted flowers in our house. Again, idea from web, but essentially the boys painted a bunch of flowers and the glued them all to look like a little bed of spring beauty. They all got really detailed in their painting. Caleb was mixing his own colors, just like his dad, to make beautiful arrangements, Peter was doing different textures with dots and detail, William was having fun with his watercolors, and Haley was having fun painting the table. They turned out great.

I thought this project would not happen because of some crazy events of the morning but I am glad that we made time for it. Each of the boys have one and they are so proud of what they created.

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