Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Walking a little bit slower

So, yesterday morning as we were getting ready to go to school I was carrying Haley into the living room. I was going about my way when I stubbed my pinky toe on the kids slide we have. I did not think much about it, how many time in the past have I stubbed my baby toe on the corner of a wall? But when I set Haley down and looked at my toe something was definitely wrong. It was pointing out at a 45 degree angle and well, that is not normal! But I could walk on it, not too much pain and I continued to help my kids get out the door. But after that I knew it was probably broken. The pain was a tad bit worse but I could still get around. I miraculously got an appointment with a podiatrist with an x-ray machine in his office and William and Haley took me to the doctor. The resulting visit left me like this...
I get to wear this baby around for the next few weeks, including California. Yippi! We came to find out that my baby toe had been displaced and needed to be realigned. So, he numbed me up, and pulled and tugged on the little toe until he got it straight again. Haley hated the whole experience. She hated what the doctor was doing to me and screamed the whole time. Oh well, it is fixed now and I need to keep it like this so that it does not pop out again. Peter thinks it is pretty cool that I will be growing new bone just like Harry Potter did. And Caleb is so sweet saying prayers for my toe and helping out where he can. Won't I look so awesome on the beach? I feel so stupid for having broken my pinky toe!

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