Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer's official beginning

Oh, we are looking forward to summer and the last day of school I think offically marks the beginning. No matter what the calendar says.  We have had such a big week.  Bro-Sis Day and now the last day of school.  Heartland had their annual dance festival and it was so fun to watch the boys dance.  They are so cool.  William and Haley were really tired at the festival but I think even they had some fun.  Let's see, how else did we celebrate?
 I made each of the boys a fun little shirt and they loved them.  All three of them have Toothless from "How to Train Your Dragon".  Peter also has Harry Potter, Caleb has a robot, and Willy has a rainbow.  I also did one for Haley with a sun because she just loves outside.  Fun little details to make things more special.

The kids also got some ice cream for a treat, played in the pool, received some new books for summertime reading, and had a good time together.  I loved watching the boys dances today, they had such a fun time this year at school.   We have some small goals for the summer.  Along with having a ton of fun at the cabin and hopefully getting along nicely, we have some learning that needs to happen. We are going to focus on reading for Peter, letters for William and math for Caleb; and Spanish for all of them.  I also informed the boys that they are going to learn the art of cleaning this summer.  I am tired of half-done jobs, or mopey kids when it comes to chores.  We also have an incentive program for them to earn cool looking beads to add to a string each time they accomplish something.  Every boy loves looking for a good treasure and I hope these bead-like treasures help us out.  Summer will be great, I just hope it does not pass too quickly.

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