Monday, July 13, 2015

Chapter: Competition Soccer

 Look how great that kid looks in the new jersey.  We have been prepping for competition soccer for a few months.  But this past week was the first games we have had.  Caleb plays for Utah Glory.  It was the Glory Cup Tournament this week but since we do not have a full team yet we had to play up on a U14 team.  And since Caleb was not the only keeper on the U14 team they played him out not the field for the first game.
He did really well and held up pretty good against those older boys.

 The second day of tournament he was in as keeper. He made some great saves and played his hardest.  It was a good first experience in competition soccer.  Although we did not win, he had fun and we can only improve from here.  It is fun to cheer for this kid.

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