Monday, July 13, 2015

New and Important Chapters added to Caleb's Book: 12

Caleb is 12, HOLY COW!!!  It is amazing to think that he has grown so much and all that he has learned.  But here it is, 12 years have passed and he is an incredible boy!  So, how did we celebrate?
 Scofield of course!  We hit up the parade and although it is fun, it is a L  O  N  G wait for it to start.  The older kids passed the time by reading.  The younger kids got very impatient.
Caleb and William both successfully climbed the rock wall and rang the bell.  The we headed back to the lake....
 To swim and jump and play and have tons of fun.  Very good times!
 We also made a really cool discovery.  As we were driving along Peter noticed some birds up in the tops of the trees.  We turned around and found out it was a group of mystery birds (sandhill cranes) nesting in the tops of the trees.  So very cool!
 The actual day of Caleb's birthday came and it was great!  Robots and balloons, good food, family and friends.
 Something I cross stitched for Caleb, to help him remember some ways to stay worthy of the priesthood and the temple.
 Starting the day off right with bacon, and german pancakes with orange sauce and whip cream. yum
 We took a trip to Scheel's and rode the ferris wheel, twice.  Caleb also got a free ice cream cone.
At the end of the day we invited family and some friends over for a party.  Scales and Tails Utah came to the house and showed us all a bunch of snakes, lizards, spiders and tortoises.  It was very fun!  In this picture Caleb is holding a tarantula.  I think that was his favorite one to hold.
Caleb is an amazing boy!  Hard working, very intelligent, helpful, tender hearted, faithful, sweet to his family, very friendly, and creative!  He loves to read, sometimes too much. :)  He loves to build and create, always coming up with new ideas.  And he really does always try to do what is right.  We are so grateful for this awesome kid!

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