Saturday, July 18, 2015

We think the world is glorious

And one of the most glorious is Scofield.  We took a trip this week and it was wonderful.  Not perfect, there was some bickering and "moming", but we found some great moments.
 This right here is the "sun yourself after getting out of the lake" move.  Peter is doing it well.
 Caleb is a pretty great kid.  Even though he does not want to, he does something for soccer each day. On this day, Haley joined Caleb for his jog up and down the road.  Pretty cool girl.
 One of the coolest times for Peter was when he and Caleb were able to witness a dragonfly molt.  They watched it crawl out of the shell thing and then we watched it until it flew off.  Very fun discovery.
 The kids had a lot of fun playing in the sand.  And even though it was slightly chilly, and Haley was bundled up, that did not stop her from getting in the lake to have some fun.
 Hard to see it, but there are two of our favorite birds in the same photo.  Pelican swimming in the lake, blue heron resting on our dock.  I love waking up to sights like this.
 Ever since seeing the dragonfly molt Peter was on dragonfly rescue mode.  Here he saw a dragonfly in the lake and helped it get to dry plants to survive.
 Playing on fun toys that the cabin neighbors leave anchored off.
 We went on an adventure drive and found the top of a mountain with a pretty view.
 And two buck deer crossing right by us.
 More sand play with a pretty sandcastle.
 And an awesome mud castle complete with walls and enemies and battles.
 And our first fawn of the year!!!!!  Oh happy day, what a fun sight that was to see.  They were adorable and so much fun to watch.
One last hike before heading home.  Beautiful times and memories.

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