Monday, July 13, 2015

Chapter: The Temple

What a week!  So many special and fun things have happened in just one week.  And he deserves everything good that has happened.  So, yesterday after receiving the priesthood he was able to have his temple recommend interview.  He proudly came home with his recommend and we made plans for a trip to the temple.  This morning, bright and early, Rob and Caleb went to the Jordan River Temple for Caleb's first time.  What a neat thing for him to do.  To experience the temple, all of the beauty and the special spirit and love that is there.  Caleb said the wait was long, but he was only in the water for a few minutes.  He said there were a lot of girls and only a few boys, so the temple staff was glad to have him.  Caleb said it was calm, peaceful and wonderful!  Such a neat experience for this awesome kid.

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