Friday, July 31, 2015

More Summer

 Caleb went to scout camp at Camp Hunt in July.  He did not come home bubbling over with excitement, but he did have some fun.  He learned some lessons.  For example, sun screen is important, wearing your sandals all week will hurt after a while, and family is important.
 I think his favorite merit badges were probably canoeing and basketry.  He also enjoyed the polar plunge and he does love the outdoors.
 They got a chance to go practice some archery.
While Caleb was at camp (Rob went for a few days with him), the kids and I took a trip to the cabin.  We went on some fun explores and discovered some pretty places.  Found more foxes and enjoyed some time together.
 Back from camp and back to the cabin!  We took only a few days and went looking for signs of life.  We found these cool tracks, still not sure what they are.  We also found some more foxes, what we think is a sulphur spring near the lake and lots of geese.
 For another merit badge, make a plaster cast of a mammal track.
 Another merit badge, surface dive from a deep spot and bring up a brick.  Here you see Caleb's foot, going down again for another attempt.  It was hard.  He could not use the goggles because the water was too murky.  The wind had picked up and so he was getting cold.  And he kept losing the brick.  Then at one time he was under there for long time, I thought we would have success.  But he came up almost crying and very frustrated because the brick had become lodged in some mud and he could not get it out.  Bummer.  But he very firmly told me that he was not giving up and he was going to get it!
 A few minutes later, he came up VICTORIOUS!!!  He did it!  Brick in hand and another merit badge earned.
 He proudly brought that brick home and felt so good about his accomplishment.  Awesome summer times!  We came home so that we could go to pack meeting, where Caleb was awarded his Religious Knot for Scouts and Peter was awarded a few badges as well.  Scouts is good, no matter the work and struggles and nagging, scouts can help make good boys.

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