Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Before Summer says goodbye, and schedules say hello

We packed a lot of adventure and fun in this last week!!!  Whew!  It was so much fun and I am even more bummed that school is starting.  But on with the fun and awesomeness.  Jonathan came with us to spend some time at the lake and we were so happy to have him along.
 Before picking Jonathan up we took a trip to the Thanksgiving Point Gardens.  It was beautiful, provided lots of hills to roll down and fun places to explore.
 After we arrived at Scofield and got settled in we took a trip to the Manti Temple.  Since both Jonathan and Caleb turned 12 this year and they have the opportunity to go to the temple I thought it would be a neat experience to have them go to this beautiful temple.  They loved it!  But our trip there was not without adventure.  I decided since we were already in Scofield, we would go through Fairview Canyon and shave an hour off our trip.  As we started off on our drive that morning we came to a sign that said, "Expect 5 hour delays, MP 5, SR 31."  WHAT?!?!?!?!  Not in the plan.  I called Rob, I called the temple and they both confirmed that there was construction in the canyon we were about to go through and that yes, there were major delays.  The only way to get to the Manti Temple was to go up through Thistle, which would be a 2 hour drive instead of 1.  Blech!  Well, we took a vote and everyone decided that yes, we wanted to go to the temple and yes we would brave the 4 hour round trip to get there.  We turned the truck in the other direction and as we drove I said a prayer that our journey would be swift and that it would not seem so long.  I then called the temple and asked them if we could bump our appointment time back because of our extra long journey, they said yes, and I also asked if because of our extra long journey if the boys could do extra names.  They told me they would see what they could do....  To our gratitude, we got there much earlier than expected and with no meltdowns by the kids.  It was so neat to show these sweet kids the Manti Temple as we approached it!  They loved seeing that beautiful white building from so far down the road, and as we approached the song, "I love to see the temple" came on the CD player - perfect!  Well, Jonathan and Caleb were able to go in the temple and they were allowed to do 10 names each, those sweet temple workers pulled some strings.  The boys loved the experience!  And the rest of us played outside, William and Peter loved running down the huge hill and Haley loved all the flowers.
 As a reward we went to The Malt Shop and all got yummy goodness!  Strawberry for Haley.  Oreo for Caleb, William and Peter.  Chunky Rocky Road for Jonathan.  A great Temple Trip Treat for them to enjoy on our drive back to the cabin.  They all wisely took a nap on the drive home (except Jonathan, he was sleepy but did not chose to sleep???) and we got back to the cabin to find rain and adventures to be had in the cabin.
 But after the rain some of us went outside to take a walk.  They found worms and decided to make little habitats for their pet worms. I am glad my kids find joy in each other.
 Well, after that rainy, but spiritual day, the weather was gorgeous the rest of the week.  In these two pictures the kids had a blast down at the lake!!!  They swam and played and splashed and in total spent 5 hours in the water!  Wow.  But they had so much fun.  I, Diedre, was in the water too, do not worry.  I had my share of fun.
 Caleb and Jonathan even took a trip across the lake on the tubes.  That is is how nice the weather was.  Zero wind, zero boats, perfect to play at the lake.
 In the evening they had even more fun together.  Haley and Peter were inseperable.
 Jonathan and William took shots on Caleb for a good hour and had so much fun.
And we jumped, a bunch of times, in the lake!!!
 The next day dawned bright, sunny and windless again and we (Diedre, Caleb, Peter, William, and Haley) all took another trip across the lake.  Jonathan stayed at the cabin because he got a sunburn the day before.  Lets just say 5 hours in the water and not reapplying sunscreen when parental figures tell you to can give you some sun exposure.  Oops.  Anyway, it was Haley's first time across the lake and she was so excited.  I helped push her along on her floater thing and the whole way across she was so happy she was doing it.  We played for awhile in the sand and water on the other side, then went back to join Jonathan.  That evening we played more in the lake, went on our last adventure drive of the year (sniff, sniff) and then went star gazing.  They loved seeing all those beautiful stars and even caught a glimpse of some shooting stars.  It was perfect!
 WE LOVE SCOFIELD!!!  On our last day at the cabin all 6 of us took yet another trip across the lake.  We played for a while, Peter wanted to go back before everyone else.  So, I Diedre, ended up swimming across the lake 4 times that day to escort Peter back and then go get Haley and bring her back.  My arms were tired.  But it was awesome!!!!  These kids are awesome!  We had so much fun together at the lake.  It is the best place in the summer.
 We packed everything in the truck and started back home.  No sooner did we get to the Red Narrows than did we encounter one long, snaky line of cars winding through the canyon!!!!! UGH.  I called my dad and he said there had been an accident about 12 miles up the canyon (at the Thistle junction) and that is why we were stuck.  Stuck as in, the kids could get out of the truck and I could have enough time to get out of the truck and take this photo.  We broke out the emergency bag of Tootsie Rolls and Peach Jelly candies, found all available books to read in the truck and hunkered down for our S  L  O  W trip through the canyon.  2 HOURS LATER we got to the scene of the accident and as soon as we passed it traffic sped right up and we were traveling smoothly home.  We said a prayer for the people we had to watch the police helping and were thankful we were all safe.  And we were also thankful for those Tootsie Rolls and the fact that our radio worked in the canyon to listen to some tunes while we waited.
 Back home in West Jordan and the boys took one more trip to the temple, this time Jordan River.  Our drive there was not nearly so adventurous but their experience at the temple was just as great.
 Monday evening Caleb had keeper training and so we all went with him.  There happened to be a family reunion at the same park and they had all these fun blow up toys for the family that was celebrating there.  Well, it being Wacky Week at the Gray house we decided to bust in on the fun (asking first if we could play, of course) and for the next 2 hours they played and bounced and got wet and had so much fun!  Caleb even joined them after keeper training, what a great summer!
 This blow up was a huge slide that got you wet all the way down.  A definite hit with the boys.  Haley of course LOVED the princess bounce house castle that you see above!  Her dream come true for the night.
 Tuesday and our last day with Jonathan.  We titled it crazy hair day and it was awesome!
We took a trip to the ferris wheel at Scheels.  We also went to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point and had a bunch of fun there too.  And that was that.  So much fun in one week.  We were so glad that Jonathan came with us for the fun.  And we are so glad that we had this time together.

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