Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The saddest countdown of all begins

Oh, Summer!  Where are you going?!? It saddens me greatly to think that school is starting soon and our relaxed and simple time together (at the cabin and at home) is coming to an end.  Boo!  So, to make the most of the time....
 Rob's work party happened and this sweet little thing wanted to be a tiger.  The girl that did the face painting nailed it and Haley was over the moon with happiness.  She loves tigers and she was one darn cute little cub.
 Our summer at Scofield has been short, due to scouts and soccer, but we are trying to eek out every last awesome moment.  This week we found the most adorable and tiny baby bunny.  Oh, if you could have seen it hop!  It melted our hearts and it was such a fun find.
 Thankfully our summer scout merit badge projects are coming to a close.  This one was for mammal studies, "find a project to help improve the lives of one or more mammals."  We planted a tree on the mountain.  To offer shelter, shade, food....whatever.  He was proud to call it his little tree.
 MUD!  This boy loves to play in the mud.  Build cities, have battles, make fortresses.  He is happy in his own little world of creating and making up stories as he goes along.
 And these two brothers are happy when Peter is happy and enjoy getting involved in the game as well.  They spent hours at the lake making these canyons and cities.  They went back to the cabin starving but satisfied with their morning.
Peter, proud of what he had done so far in the morning.  Summer is spectacular, just wish it would stay around for a lot longer.

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