Sunday, August 9, 2015


The ward campout was this weekend and fun was had by all.  Haley was the only one that got some decent sleep and she woke up in the morning saying that she loved camping.  It was a perfect venue for the boys!  The campground was surrounded by trees, small hills and mountains to climb and friends galore.
 Haley had her friends to roam around with and laugh and play.
 The boys built a fort up on the mountain and enjoyed it immensely!  Until the girls found their hideout and then they had to adjust and let the girls play.  Caleb was in his element, exploring all around the mountain and having fun.
 Haley discovered the worms and snails the next morning.  Upon going to sleep, or trying to, that night it began to rain for quite awhile.  The next morning there were slugs to be discovered and worms and snails galore.  Haley got a cup, some dirt and started picking up the worms and snails for her pets.  No problems with her.  However, there was problem when her other little friends would not play with her because they did not like worms and snails.  She was bummed.
 Everyone playing up on the mountain. Caleb also took this shot.  I actually have no idea where all of their hideouts were.  They were all over that hill/mountain-side.
 Caleb and Peter took a hike together.  They had fun up there.
And apparently they went really high.  I asked Caleb to take the camera and capture some shots, Haley did not want to participate in the hike.  See what I mean?  This is what Caleb loves, hiking and climbing and exploring.  And Peter was happy too.  One of the ward members asked me where Caleb was at one part of the campout, they had not seen him the entire time there.  No wonder, the boy only came off the mountain long enough to eat, try to sleep, and get some water.  It was great.

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