Saturday, August 29, 2015

I Brag

Do I have photos for this post? NOPE! The only time you will catch me taking a picture at soccer is before play has begun.  This mom has mental photos of soccer.  So, permit me to brag about my awesome kids for a moment.....
Haley, she supports her brothers so well.  And when she tells me that she is bored of being in the sun I tell her to "hush it up" and cheer some more.  Yeah, I love that little girl.
William, another great game of soccer today.  He does not like the bigger field, but he will get used to it. He tied his game 1-1.
Peter, he is a awesome little guy.  Plays where ever the coach tells him to go.  He did some defense today and ran all over the place.  Then they put him in as keeper and he blocked those balls, worked on the drop kick and they won, 9-2!
Caleb, oh this boy!!!!  He has such a great heart and spirit.  Last night, he did not like me as mom.  Bad practice=railing by mom.  Oh, he was upset with me.  But then we both calmed down and "talked" it over again.  And today????  Scorching hot game and the score ended up 2-0.  Oh yeah!  You got it right, Caleb had a shut out!!!!!!!!!!  OH, my boy! Took 12 shots on goal, one block by him, 10 saves by him and one awesome defense to back him up.  And there was that call, that got him a penalty kick.  By the grace of everything the kid shot wide and Caleb is happy to say he is perfect in his blocks of penalty kicks.  The last 17 minutes of the game were so long.....just waiting for that final whistle to say, game over, your team won (with a shut out!!!)!!!!  The whole team did great, played well together and it was awesome!
On to the next week, more soccer and cheering and supporting and encouraging.  Love it!

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