Monday, April 25, 2016

6 Weeks to Baptism

This Sunday we talked about repentance.  Haley had a really cool activity in preschool one day where the lesson was on teaching them how to brush their teeth.  They used dyed eggs, toothbrushes and paste.  We applied it to our repentance lesson.
 The white egg represents us when we come to earth, clean and perfect.  But as we go through life we make mistakes and our spirit is not longer as clean as it should be.  In order to make us clean again we need repentance.  But it takes work.  The kids saw that they had to work hard at brushing the egg with the toothpaste to get even some of the stain off.  So, we talked about how, with faith in the Savior and the atonement, we can do our part by repenting and trying to come clean and live righteous.  Then the Savior comes in and makes the rest of us clean because of His atonement.  It was a cool lesson.  William really liked the activity.  And my favorite part was when Haley was brushing her egg she saw that it was turning white, she exclaimed, "I getting righteous!"  Such great kids.

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