Saturday, April 30, 2016

The end of April

Sunday, fun times with friends (The Kjars) is always a good idea!
Monday, Kids + homework = nagging of mom and grumpy children, boo!
Tuesday, AGGGH! No matter how hard you try, it just does not work out sometimes. Pinewood Derby car, did not perform well. Homework ambitions kept us up till freaking 10:15pm because of procrastination, and those goldfish!!!!!  Someone tell me why I feel such stress about keeping them alive and such guilt when they are near death? AGGGHHHH!  Plus, the laundromat has lost is coolness, we just want our washer and dryer back.
Wednesday, bleh.
Thursday, in good news: William had his homework done so he could do whatever he wanted - yeah. Caleb got something done so he could go to the Salt Lake Temple - progress.  Mother's Day Fundraiser, what have I signed up for!?!
Friday, a lot of sewing going on around here, I think I have vacuumed three time today.... plus, Caleb attended his final keeper camp at the U and Peter got 100% on his spelling test!
Saturday, the end is finally here and it ended happily!  A win for each of the boys in their soccer games, wahoo!  Caleb got a well deserved shutout, 3-0!  Not to mention, Rob bought us a new washer.  Found a great deal and by next Friday, we say goodbye to the laundromat (hopefully).  YES!

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