Saturday, April 16, 2016

Moments to remember

So, I am not sure how many people out there really read this blog.  I know that I keep it up for our little family to remember things in life.  So, I was trying to figure out, how can I remember the "star" moments of my kids.  Those cool things they do each day or week that make them shine?  I have tried in the past, little notebooks or journals....but those usually fizzle out and get lost or forgotten.  But this, I think it might be a bit more permanent and help us remember.  So, here goes: week ending 16 April 2016;

Rob got a new car (because of a crash, oops) with the help of Pa.  He is a blessing to us.
Caleb is one tough soccer kid.  He goes through periods of discouragement with soccer, but keeps trying.  He played a VERY WET game on Wednesday, never gave up and made some great saves! He got pulled out at the last minutes because his ankle got crunched on a save and he was none too happy about that.  However, they came back today (during our third really windy game of the day) to win, 3-2!  Caleb held it good, made great saves and they did great.
Peter can be cranky but such a great addition to this family.  He did not want to do his homework this week, but after we tamed the protractor and got to work, he finished.  The best moment of doing homework with him was when he said, "wow, that is an obese angle."  What he meant to say was it was an obtuse angle, but obese made the moment so much cooler.
William tried something new for dinner this week, did not like it but still ate it.  He also had a ball starting off his baptism countdown, but fully expected that we would be doing an activity each day of the week during those 8 weeks.  Hummmm, I might need to come up with additional learning moments to keep him satisfied.  Today, during windy game #2, William scored a goal!  Such a power kick from the side and it went in!  I ruined "silent Saturday" with my exclamation of joy, but oh well - he scored!
Haley is generally so patient when it comes to mommy helping the boys through school work or soccer.  She also loves her one on one times with Caleb each Friday morning when he has late start.  Haley's star moment today came when she happily spent 4+ hours on the soccer field, cheering on her brothers, then she watched the Real game from the computer tonight.  Her only wish, that they would have played Sandoval.  She is cool.

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