Monday, May 16, 2016

Baptism countdown x2

Seeing as how last week was such a cram-it-all-in week, we did not squeeze in the time for our baptism family home evening.  So, I was determined, yesterday would be the day.  We would do a two-for-one and call it good.  However, the fates were slightly against me.  I had a treat, which meant we would do it right after church and before William's baptism interview.  But..... Rob was exhausted and so decided to stand for the whole thing, which meant he saw smoke coming from our neighbor's garage.  We did not know if it was serious so in the middle of FHE he drove over there to make sure their garage was not on fire; no worries, they were smoking some meat.  Other complication, kids were interrupting and cranky for most of the, supposed to be, spiritual message I had thought out.  Oh well, here is what I tried to share:

The Holy Ghost:

We talked about all the different things the Holy Ghost can do for us; guidance, direction, protection, comfort and be a light to our life and path on Earth.  I used glow sticks as the example.  How, when you first break them, they shine so bright!  This is how the Holy Ghost works in our life when we are obedient and faithful.  But if we make a wrong choice or do not read our scriptures the light of the Holy Ghost kind of goes dim, like a glow stick the next day.  All we have to do is repent and draw closer to Father in Heaven and the "light" of the Holy Ghost will shine brightly again.

Then we talk about the Sacrament.  This is where the treat came in of yummy blueberry bread.  We talked about what the water and bread represent and how when we take the sacrament each week we renew those promises we made with Heavenly Father at our baptism.  Then the coolest part happens, what ever mistake we made in the week is forgiven and the Holy Ghost can shine brightly in our life once again, referring back to our glow sticks.

I think something got through.  If nothing else, their hunger monster was satisfied, they had fun glow sticks to play with at night and we tried.

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