Sunday, May 8, 2016

Week of May 2-7

Monday, started off good
Tuesday, soccer went great.  Mom-hood, not so much.  That "happy, smiling face" line in the primary song is no so happening around here.  Why?  Homework monster.
Wednesday; we survived all of our driving to and from Caleb's activities and most people seemed happy.
Thursday; first round of fundraiser baking and salsa making was successful.  Phew.  Second round is underway.  But boy, the mom-guilt is strong right now.  William's fish has been struggling all week.  Not eating, losing color.  Finally tonight, I think it might go.  But I am not doing anything about it.  I think nature needs to just take it's course and go.  But am I bad for not trying to save the fish again?  It is Mother's Day weekend, for crying out loud - it is his birthday month and I am breaking my little guy's heart!  But I cannot stand to see the fish struggle, so I hope it is quick.  And I hope William deals ok with it.  But in the mean time, I keep having to stare at that fish tank when I get up early and make more pies and cakes!
Friday; sadly we awoke to Twilight being dead.  I am glad he is not suffering anymore.  William was not told until after school and everyone was very loving toward him and supportive at the fish funeral.  We made the fish a tombstone and William made a large lego fish to remember his fish by.  It was a hard day for him.  Regarding the fundraiser baking: we made a total of - 4 cherry pies, 12 stuffed crust strawberry pies, 2 brownies, 4 chocolate cakes, 5 salsas, 64 caramel chocolate pretzel rods, 9 raspberry freezer jams and 5 strawberry freezer jams.  Phew!
Saturday; soccer was great.  Did a ton more baking and delivering.  I am so done with going to the store to get more more supply for baking!  Also, finally sat Caleb down and he worked on his lesson about patriarchal blessings.

Part of the fundraising goodness.  Trust me though, this is such a small portion that it does not do it justice.  But it was fun and hopefully good for all those lucky recipients. 

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