Sunday, May 15, 2016

May 8 - 14; the busy life

Sunday; Mother's Day - it was pretty happy and good.  Had a serious and spiritual conversation with Peter (about visions, Satan's temptations, the gospel and staying strong).  The kids were sweet and happy.
Monday; Took Caleb to get an X-ray on his hand.  No broken bones, just a sprain that makes him wear a brace for it and freaked his coach out.  Somewhere his coach still has confidence in Caleb and did not like the look of that brace.
Tuesday; soccer pictures and actually got some home work done for Caleb.  I also managed to get some baptism projects finished up for William.
Wednesday; busy, busy, busy......choir, soccer, scouts, soccer.......
Thursday; I only want the best for him.  On the Edge of Glory!
Friday; The second to last choir concert for Caleb was a success!  Watching Caleb up there sing was so fun and special.  He has worked hard to learn the songs and do his best.  Watching him up there with his choir buddy, Colin, is especially fun.  They both fidget their fingers to the music and you can tell it is hard for them to stand still that long.  Haley wanted to go to the top seats at one point and she enjoyed the opportunity to sway to the music and move to the beat.  It was beautiful.
Saturday; Soccer Saturday!  William played tough.  Peter's team killed it and won 17-0!  Peter even scored a goal; he has a terrific coach!  Caleb was pulled out to play field because of his hand and his coach really wants the win. The team ended up losing, 0-2. However, for every minute that Caleb was  playing, he played with all his might!  He was put in as forward and was so close to scoring!!!!!  Not only that, coach told me afterward that he was surprised at how well Caleb did with where he put him.  As coach put it, "He is a soccer player."  Which basically means, he is awesome!  Caleb also had his final performance with the Salt Lake Children's Choir and it is a bitter-sweet moment for Caleb and all of us.  No more beautiful music to fill our house as he practices.  No more concerts to attend with him as a singer.  But, no more finding time to practice and no more struggle to fit it all in.  It was a wonderful experience, with beautiful memories.
A perfect take from our week.  The beautiful church where Caleb performed.  Caleb sporting half choir uniform, half soccer, one hand in his brace, the other in the keeper glove.  Our week.

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