Sunday, May 22, 2016

Blustery Days and Birthday Prep

Sunday; William had his baptism interview with Bishop. Cutest thing he said, that he wanted the Holy Ghost and the commandments are like "rules to help us get back to heaven."  Funniest thing he did was stare down the candy jar so hard that Bishop hid it until the interview was over.  Just so William could focus a little better.
Monday; It is so nice not to have choir practice hanging over our heads.
Tuesday; nothing to say
Wednesday; my kids are awesome! C had his last soccer game of the season. Coach played him on the field again and he did great.  P read a book the whole time. W and H played with the other little kids, little soccer buddy family.  We will see what next season brings.
Thursday; William and Peter had their Spanish Dual Language night at the school.  Both of their grads did really well in their songs.
Friday; A very Blustery Birthday Party was held for William.  We went to the park and the kids loved using the bubble wands in the wind, playing soccer, shooting the blow dart toys and the paper plates flying everywhere was eventful.

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