Thursday, August 18, 2016

Fun is where you find it

Summer is AWESOME!  We found some fun things to do the last couple of days.  Got to take advantage of it before school starts.
 We found it fun to watch the polar bear swim around at the zoo.
Caleb found it extremely fun to finally get up on the water skis at the lake!  Go, Caleb!
 We found some fun going to Donut Falls and being together.
 Peter, the king of the silly face, found some fun all on his own.
 We all found it really fun to watch the otters play and eat.  Otters are one of William's favorites!
 The poison dart frogs are so small.  They are one of Caleb's favorites.
We did not find it fun to have our truck battery die in the parking lot of the aquarium!  But thankfully Pa came to help us, take us home and while we waited for him to check out the battery (2 LONG hours of waiting) the kids were very patient.
We all had a lot of fun in our water war!  Everyone got wet, had fun and the three boys wanted to try the ice bucket challenge.  Water wars make it hard to take photos, but this one is pretty good.

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