Monday, August 22, 2016

Get wet, stay up late and play as hard as you can!

Well, there is no more denying it, school starts tomorrow!  Sob, sob. With heavy hearts we said goodbye to the cabin on Saturday night.  Later than we expected because well, the boys were playing in the lake - one last time.  
 The kids had a bunch of fun making their own bouncy balls with this kit I bought.  They were pretty cool.
 They loved playing with the punch balloons.

  • We grew some pretty cool crystal trees.
  • We also tried this exploding baggie thing, did not work out so much like the computer said.  But we got a pretty good laugh when it looked like it would blow, and all we got was a small *pop*.  Kind of like our excitement to get up for school tomorrow. 
  • We spent A LOT of time getting wet.  I think the only people to not run out of clothes were Haley and I (Diedre).  
  • We saw our favorite birds this week at the cabin: blue herons, pelicans, and 3 osprey.
  • We saw mama deer with their fawns running across the beach.  Love seeing them in nature!
  • We went star gazing. (Can you tell the camera's battery died and thus no photos?)
  • And finally my most proud mom moments of the final weekend of Summer:
    • Caleb getting up on the water skis and knee board!!!!!!  Such fun to watch.
    • Caleb learning to drive the boat.
    • Caleb pulling of his lesson for Deacon's quorum on dating.  He did a good job of preparing it the morning of. 
    • Peter is pretty good at the backstroke for swimming.
    • William  can be a really great brother for Haley (playing with her, drawing pictures for her.....)
    • William is getting better and better at swimming.
    • Haley is becoming more brave in the water and getting used to swimming.
    • Finally, introducing my kids to who Shaun White is and getting them excited to watch snowboarding!
Oh Summer, why must you end?  We loved every minute of cabin time and being together.  Making up games, reading books just because we wanted to, sleeping in (Caleb and Haley especially), taking time to relax and have fun.  

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