Saturday, August 13, 2016

Why must summer end?

Man, Summer is too awesome to just have it end!  Why must school start so soon?!?!  It is not cool.  We ran away to the cabin.  As soon as soccer was done Thursday night, we headed for the lake.  It was terrific!  We all loved it.  And you will have to suffer with these horrible phone photos, because the camera was left behind at home.
We have been watching some of the Olympics, and getting really excited to see USA win and cheering them on.  The boys and Haley decided to stage their own Cabin Olympics.  There were events for the kayak and swimming and jumping/diving.  It was super fun for them to get into it.  They made medals for the winning contestants (of course we made sure each kid got something).
 Haley got in on the action of kayaking.  She did pretty well out there rowing.
Even learning to steer herself around out there.
 And just using the power of her feet. Such a cute girl.

 Gold medal went to Caleb for the best jumping pose.
Silver went to William.
 The medals ceremony was held in the bathroom.  Something about Peter had a game going on in the front room and there was not enough space to set up the seating and we had it in the bathroom.  All the more memorable I say.

 After the medals ceremony we even capped off the night by having our own Olympic torch relay.  Each kid took a turn running the "torch" (our flashlight) up and down the road.
 Haley loved it and wanted to do it again and again.

 Such awesome times!!!!!!  But now, the school district is going to ruin it all and make us start to think about homework and schedules, instead of watching the deer and star-gazing at 10:30pm!  HOW RUDE!  So, in open rebellion; we are going to the lake one more time.  And celebrating Wacky Week!!!!  The lineup is as follows:
Monday; silly rules, backwards hour, eat under the table, sweets for breakfast
Tuesday; crazy hair day, crazy cookie creations, crazy pictures
Wednesday; Wacky Wonky Dinner
Thursday; Water War Day
Friday; EXPODE! (posits, poppers, alka-seltzer rockets, crystal garden, make rubber balls)
Saturday; Easter in August
It Will Be Fun, and I will try to enjoy every moment with these awesome kids!

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