Monday, August 8, 2016


So, a few weeks ago Caleb had is Utah Glory soccer tournament.  We were excited.  The new gloves were washed, the jerseys were in, spirits were high.
This is the team, before our first game.  These boys are pretty cool kids.  And Caleb's defense, they are strong and tough.
 After game one, he felt like a million bucks.  The score ended 0-0, the whole team was bummed that we did not win.  But Caleb got a win, he got a shut out!!!  That is awesome!  He made some good saves.  But it was our easiest game of the tournament.  Shots taken on Caleb, 16.  With 11 saves and 0 misses.  YEAH!!!!
The rest of the tournament, so FREAKING different and hard!  I share this photo only because I love how everyone on his team was watching him, hoping beyond hope that he would catch the ball.  He did it, at the time and so many others.  But really, those last two teams were fast and fierce.  Caleb and his defense were good, they tried so hard.  But Game 2 ended 1-7.  Our team took a total of 3 shots on goal.  We scored 1/3 of the shots we took :(  Caleb (and his defense) took 27 shots on goal, with 22 saves by Caleb but 7 misses.  And Game 3 our team took 4 shots on goal.  Yeah, you read that right.  But Caleb took 17 shots on goal, with 9 saves and 5 misses.  He tried so hard!  My favorite save was in the second period of Game 3.  Such a hot game, our boys looked tired and they were beaten.  But I told Caleb, give it all you have.  Fast kid was moving at Caleb, aiming at the goal.  Caleb took off and charged the kid, slid on the ground and fell on that ball.  Preventing the goal!!!!!  The other kids dad was cheering for him, and I was cheering just as loud for Caleb.  Good moments.
 One more proof, he is a KEEPER!

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