Monday, August 8, 2016

I wish we were at the lake

If it were not for soccer, we would be there.  So Much More Fun!  Last week the whole family got to go, yeah; even Rob.  It was very fun.
 Deer came down to the beach several times and we just chilled on the dock watching them.
 Miracle of miracles, we put the boat in and used it!  The boys had fun tubing and jumping in the water.
 Haley liked cruising around on the boat and feeling the wind in her hair.
 William even got on the tube and had fun.
 Caleb tried the water skis and knee board.  He almost, so stinking close, got up on the skis.  But then he got tired or something and it will wait till another time.
And, I have titled it the "miracle of the cabin", they use their imaginations in the best of ways to come up with games to be together and have fun.  This is a picture of a bead game Haley and William played for a good hour.  Something about, building barns, ponds, pig pens and earning points to get the animals and food and more stuff.  They wake up first thing in the morning and generally come up with some game for all of them to be involved with.  Time at the lake is always an option.  They are just good siblings up there, for the most part.  Yes, there is contention.  Yes, they still get bored.  But I will always believe, this is the best place ever for them in the summer!

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