Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Spring Break and Easter

On Saturday, before Jonah, Jonathan and Caleb went to the temple we had the AWESOME Gray Easter Egg Hunt at our house.
 The anticipation of getting out there and "vacuuming" up those eggs.
 Go boys go!  It is a mad dash to get as many eggs as you can.
 This year I hid the eggs in the front yard.  So fun to hide a couple in the tree!  William's and Caleb's eggs were in the tree.  Tricky mom. :)
 I think they rolled their eyes a bit when they realized I did it to them.
 Caleb and his pile.  If I remember correctly, he got 166 eggs this year.
 After the temple and before Jonah and Jon went home, Caleb pulled out a tinker crate and they made it together.
These kids are awesome together!

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