Sunday, April 16, 2017

Spring Break - I love to see the temple

With Spring break approaching I knew we would need some activities away from home to keep us from going crazy.  Caleb loves going to the temple.  Haley loves going to see the pretty flowers.  We all needed to feel the spirit together and time together.  So, I created "temple-palooza."  Each day we would go to a different temple and then do something else fun in the area.  I think it worked well.
 On Sunday for family home evening, we played temple jeopardy.  Lots of fun with candy and learning some interesting facts about the temple.
 Tuesday we visited the Bountiful Temple.
 Then drove up to the Ogden Temple.
 Wednesday we went to the Mt. Timpanogos Temple.
 Thursday we were able to stay closer to home and visit the Salt Lake Temple.
Thursday we went to Provo.  All the kids loved seeing the different shape of the Provo Temple.
 Peter, as he always does, loved looking at all the plants.  He stated it was like "plant heaven."
 After the Provo Temple we went down to the Provo City Center Temple.
Finally, for our last temple of the week, we went to the Draper Temple.  Jonah and Jonathan stayed with us after the Gray Easter egg hunt and they went to the temple with Caleb.
It was nice to be together during the week and feel the spirit as we went to each temple.  Haley loves to have us go just inside the temple doors and sit there for a minute or two.  She loves the beauty of the temple inside and the spirit is so strong when in there.  Haley also loved being able to see a few brides at the temple when they came out after being married.  They all loved the fountains and the flowers.  William could not believe how much grass there was and just wanted to run everywhere.  However, we learned that they will call security on you if you have a picnic on temple grounds.  Oops.  Caleb likes going to each temple and seeing how they are different from each other.  But one thing is the same.  He loves the spirit that he feels there.

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