Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Days that make you smile

Yesterday was a productive day.  Although the kids had to wake up and go back to school, and Haley was the only one excited to go back, it was a good day.  I got laundry done, the house was tidy, and I got Caleb signed up for summer gym.  Not excited about the summer part but hopefully his plans for 9th grade work out and summer gym is helpful to his graduation plan.  But the exciting stuff happened after school. Caleb had one more signature do get for his Eagle Papers, then he was done!  We headed to Beehive Homes, he got the signature and then we headed to the scout shop.  I thought it would be neat for him to turn his own papers in.....
 It was a bright day, so he blinked.  Also, I forgot the real camera, so memories are made with the terrible phone camera.  But things like this need to be remembered!!!!
The lady at the scout shop looked things over, and declared that he did everything he needed to turn them in!  Wahoo!  She was impressed that he is not even 14 and turned in his papers.  Awesome kid! He was able to put his own name in for the book and he walked out on cloud nine!  Now, all we do is wait until the send the papers back to the stake, and we can schedule his Eagle Board of Review.  He did it!  
That is not all.  We went home, he ate food, and we headed to his soccer game.  First half he only played field for a tiny bit.  The first half keeper was doing so good, I was worried that Caleb's days as keeper were over.  Second half started and nothing much was happening.  Our team was down by 2 goals.  However, I looked over and saw....Caleb in his keeper jersey and putting on his gloves!!!!!!  Excitement and anxious, all in one.  He was going in as keeper!  Of course, there are no photos.  But this is a photo of the gloves he used.  He did great.  While he was in, our team scored one goal.  Caleb took some shots on goal.  He charged and got the ball out.  Blocked one, caught one right in the gut.  The other team did not score on him!  The game ended with us down by one, but what was important to Caleb is he got to play keeper, and he did not let any by.  So happy for him and all he is accomplishing in his young life!  

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