Thursday, May 11, 2017

Eagle Scout

It is official
Robert Caleb Gray received his Eagle the 10th of May, 2017!!!
 The members of the board that took care of the Board of Review: Bishop Underwood, Aaron Buck, Brother Reynolds, and Brother Swenson.  Bishop Underwood said that when Caleb answered their questions the responses came from his heart.  They said you could tell he had not been "prepped" before hand to know what to say, he just spoke naturally.  Such an amazing kid!  Wow, he earned it!  Fun detail to remember is that Bishop Underwood interviewed Caleb for his baptism....and now here he is, helping Caleb make those final steps to his Eagle.
Proud parents and his scout master, Brother Evans.  Caleb has a great support group all around.  So far, at the date of his Eagle, Caleb earned 35 merit badges.  He has a few more in the works, and he is 13 years old.  Quite the accomplishment for such a great kid!  He set his mind to it and has learned a lot.  Sometimes he would not be motivated, but with encouragement and help, he remembered what he wanted.  Anything is possible with a good attitude and lots of work.  He is awesome!

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