Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Public transit, walking, tea gardens, Coit

When looking up things to do in San Francisco we found this pretty place, the Japanese Tea Gardens. It looked lovely, and we decided to go their for day 3.  We had also decided to try and use public transportation as much as possible.  A few things were discovered, the tea gardens were no where close to our apartment so that meant a very long bus ride there.  The majority of our family does not appreciate the long wait time of public transit.  It was cold that day.  Like, we were not prepared to be that far away from the apartment and tired.
 We made the most of it.  The gardens were very pretty.  Pretty koi, cool little paths to explore.
 After that we walked through the very large park, VERY LARGE, for a bit.  But like I said, we were all cold and tired from the long bus ride, so we headed back to the apartment.  We decided to split up.  Peter was done adventuring for the day, but Rob wanted to explore more.  Peter and I hung out, he played plants, read and we went for a walk.
 Rob took everyone else to see some sites.  While they grabbed lunch, I ran them over some supplies. Pants for Haley, anther jacket for William, more water and the like.  They went to see Coit tower.
 They visited Lombard Street.  Looked very cool and twisty.
 They even rode a trolley car.  Again, more waiting for public transit but they had fuller tummies and warmer clothes, so they were a bit happier.
One other cool thing to remember about our apartment, our view was of the Bay Bridge.  Cool in the day because we would always see cargo ships go by, ferries, sail boats, or tiny (toy size compared to the cargo ships) tug boats.  At night the Bay Bridge lights up and does a very great show of lights.  It was so cool to watch!  They would have images of fish, clouds, a starry sky, waves.... tons of different images all with these white lights moving across the bridge.  Fun little details making it a neat time.

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