Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Seeing San Francisco and the Whales

Our family has always talked about wanting to see San Francisco, CA.  About seeing the Golden Gate Bridge and I personally have always wanted to go whale watching.  Well, about 2 months ago, Rob's boss asked him if we wanted to have the San Francisco apartment for a week in May.  When Rob told me about it, I have to be honest, my first thought was not, "YES!"  My first thoughts were, "Rob, that is the end of school.  That is end of year testing.  I have to figure this out."  Yeah, I am an old mom.  Spontaneity is pretty much gone.  So sad.  However, after talking with a bunch of teachers, and A LOT of work on Caleb's part to get ahead of the game, we headed to San Francisco.
 Airport time.  Not too exciting.  We made it there.  All luggage in tow and treats to eat.
 Since we would be on vacation for William's birthday, and the flight attendant found out it would be his birthday that next day, the nice man gave William a huge stash of airplane goodies.  The only bad moment of the flight was when Haley's ears became painful upon landing.  She was tired and would not listen to any of my remedies.  Thankfully, she was tough enough to only freak out enough for our family to know about it, none of the other passengers heard her.  She was fine after an hour and we vowed to have gum for her on the return trip.  After arriving in San Francisco and riding a VERY LOUD subway, and then walking what seemed like a long time, we made it to the apartment.  Terrific view and comfortable surroundings.  One complaint, food in San Fran is expensive!
 Our first full day in San Francisco was also William's birthday!  Happy 9th!  We decided to go whale watching.  I was so worried about fog preventing us from seeing the whales.  But nope, we had success.  The boat drivers said we were very fortunate that the water was so calm that day.  I am glad because that meant smooth riding (for the most part) and none of us go sea sick (as least too bad. Peter says he got sick, and I definitely got a headache).  Phew.
 We drove underneath the Golden Gate Bridge.  Super fun!
 Whales!  We estimate that we saw about 5-6.  Two mothers with their calves and then another two.  The other 2 we only saw once, and they had breached from the water!  So exciting to see them jump. However, the ones that did jump were very far from our boat so only a few people saw them.
 For the most part the whales did not get too close to the boat.  But we did have one "friendly" whale that came pretty close.  It was awesome to see their spouts (first sign a whale was in the area), then to watch them glide through the water and every now and then we would see their tail as they were going for a deep dive.  Very cool experience.
We had gone out a long ways from the bridge so our ride back was pretty long.  And by the time we made it back to the dock, we were all so tired!  When we made it back to the apartment the only people that did not take a nap were Haley and Peter.  We were worn out.  After we woke up, we got William a tasty dinner of chicken strips and fries and called it a day.  A great first day.

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