Thursday, May 11, 2017

Its The Little Things

One of the quotes that I am reminded of often is, "The joy of motherhood comes in moments." Because lets face it, life is not always sunshine and smiles.  However, there are moments when it all comes together and you remember that this is why you keep trying and giving.
 Haley was given the award at her school for Student of the Month in May.  She was so happy!  Then came an even better treat, one of her closest friends was receiving the award at the same time.  Happy girls.
 Haley and I took a trip to Gardner Village to see the Fairies.  Now, normally I DO NOT like Gardner Village.  The witches at Halloween are ugly and so are the Elves at Christmas time, in my opinion.  But the Fairies, it was magical and cute and fun!  The fairies are small, so they are not overwhelming.  And all of the different Fairy Gardens they have are so creative and so detailed.  Now I have 2 reasons to go to Gardener Village: indoor soccer and Fairy Gardens.
 They were so cool, that we have tried to start our own.  Not nearly as magical or fancy, but still a work in progress.
 Even William loved the gardens and sketched some of his favorite houses.
 Haley's kindergarten class has been appointed by the preschool as caterpillar baby sitters.  Haley could not be more thrilled to watch those little caterpillars develop.
 Keeper!  Caleb was chosen as starting keeper for his game this last Saturday, he gave it his best and walked away, maybe not with a win, but with the ability to say he gave it his all.
 Finally, on Sunday we visited with one of the coolest families, the Kjars.  We traveled to Sugarhouse park to have a picnic, see the baby ducks and explore.  Haley snagged this stick and went everywhere with it.  As an added "little thing" moment to remember, Amelia also had a stick that her mom kept "losing."  But Haley, being a true friend, kept finding the stick for Amelia and giving it back to her.  So awesome!
This cool family.  They are on their way across America and we will miss them a lot!  So, to send them off the kids all played in a stream and then ended the night with a major grass fight!  Enjoying time together is definitely a happy moment.

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