Sunday, July 9, 2017

Birthday celebrations at the lake

In all of Caleb's awesome 14 years of life, he has only been home to celebrate his birthday one year.  The one year was when we were evacuated from the cabin because of a wildfire.  We hate fire season.  Other than that year, every year he has been at Scofield, dipping his toes, or all of him in the lake.  Watching fireworks from the island.  Playing in the water and having as much fun as possible.  That is how you do a birthday!  
 Caleb started early by getting a ride behind a neighbor's boat.  Fun ride and awesome way to start things off.
 The day before we headed to Manti so Caleb could go to the temple.  He is such a good, faithful boy.
 Shakes and fries for our Temple Treat.  I am not sure they will ever sway from Oreo shakes.
 Pretty scenery on the drive back called for a photo.  Shortly after this photo a bee somehow got in the open window of the truck as we were driving through the canyon and freakishly stung Caleb in the back!  How rude!  But Caleb was fine after awhile and no harm done, except to the bee.
 Birthday time!  We started off the day with a birthday breakfast.  Then we headed out on the lake for fun.  The boys all took their kayaks out to the island and explored a bit.  While they were there, Haley and I chilled on the water and she was delighted to soak me with her water squirter.
 14 and loving it!  He had so much fun playing at the lake!
 After dinner, of country fried steak of course, we went on a hike together.  We loved the views, we did not so much love all the mosquitos and flies that were swarming all around us.
After returning to the truck we were so excited to see 4 fawns!!!  Love baby animals and we get so excited to see the fawns.  This little mama and her twins were kind enough to pose for a perfect deer family photo!  Happy Birthday, Caleb!
Before ending the night we shot off Alka-seltzer rockets!  
I love my first born!  He is such an awesome kid!  He has his quirks, as we all do.  He can become majorly distracted which can be to his downfall.  He can have attitude sometimes.  He can put things off.  However, he is also so awesome!  He is faithful to Father in Heaven and worthy to hold the priesthood and call the Holy Ghost his companion.  He is a terrific friend and tries to be kind to everyone.  He is such a wonderful brother!  He loves each of his siblings so much and just has fun with them.  He may be 14, but he is still such a kid at heart who enjoys the simple side of life and has not lost his imagination for play or creating things.  He is intelligent!  He can be a great helper and worker.  He still loves to read and play soccer, they are just part of him.  He also continues to be a wonderful peacemaker in our home.  He has also started to learn how to change his temper or attitude and make it better, he is becoming a better person each day.  We love him and are so glad that he is ours, forever!

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