Sunday, July 9, 2017

Cabin Time - our favorite time!!!!

I have always said, the cabin is the BEST place in the summer.  The temps are great, and even if it does get hot - go jump in the lake, that will help you feel better.  The view is 100% better than anything you can get in the city.  It is the best!
 Now that Haley has her own kayak, they can all play around - together or separate.  Haley does really well with paddling too.
 Peter has had a lot of fun with the bugs this year.  He especially did well one week and caught several butterflies for the others to hold.
 Going across the lake for the first time this year!  Like I said, Haley does so well with her kayak.  She did not even need a rest stop along the way, she kept right up.  Or maybe the boys slowed down a bit for her. :)
 Cabin friends!  They make the days a little more fun!
Especially when the cabin friends are girls, and they have a bunny, and they let you hang out with them all day long!  Haley and William were able to go on several boat rides, which included tubing, the e-z-ski, trying to surf or just going to the scout cove and jumping in the water and swimming.  
And let me say, we have been soaking up our time at the cabin.  Probably way more sun than we need, lots of bug spray and sunscreen and way too much time in a life jacket.  But also lots of smiles and time to relax and be together.  Cabin time is the best!!!

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