Sunday, July 23, 2017

The mandatory Summer zoo trip

You know it is going to happen.  Even if you go to the zoo during the school year, everyone needs to have the Summer zoo trip.  The one where you splurge on the train ride (fun time seeing the little zebra run like a baby goat), carousel (had to make sure Haley got the tiger), and maybe, just maybe that souvenir that really is not needed but is fun anyway.  Yeah, we took our trip and it was great!
 We saw the big enormous bugs that were cool to the boys and freaky to Haley.  The only one she would get close to was the ladybug.
 Saw really cool birds at the bird show.  Like, we got the best seats we have ever had and several birds of prey just whooshed right over our heads!  Inches away!  And it was awesome!
 Plus when they brought out the eagles and the flag Caleb mentioned that he was an Eagle.  He is so proud, and darn right he should be.  So, we took a quick photo moment to remember his terrific accomplishment!
Last but not least, we saw the tigers!  Oh yeah, Haley's tigers. And she was happy.

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