Sunday, July 23, 2017

More of that Summer Groove

I just do not know what we will do when Summer ends.  SO SAD!  Late nights, sleeping in at the cabin, relaxing way too much.  The only thing I do not think we will miss will be all the layers of sunscreen we put on every single day!  Summer is just too much fun! Why must it be so short? SO SAD!  So, more cabin fun......
 We have gone through several rain storms at the cabin.  It is so fun to watch the water run down the road like a river.  Not fun to hear the HUGE claps of thunder right overhead.  Also funny, all those clothes that you are trying to dry out from lots of lake time?  Yeah, just does not happen very well with monsoon like rains.  Tough life.  Wink, wink.
 Beaver sightings!  As well as deer, bunnies, squirrels, marmot den, blue herons, ospreys, and fish!
 Speaking of fish, one morning the boys spent their time catching baby minnows.  Haley was loving it and they had to keep catching more so that she could see them.  They also caught a few baby craw dads and a couple dragon fly nymphs.  So much fun!  I, as mom, was lucky enough to have the minnows and all other creatures safely returned to their natural habitat of the lake.  I did not want the pressure of trying to raise those fish at home.  No thank you.
Lake time!  With the dock fixed, thank you Rob!!!!!, the kids are loving their time to jump and splash!

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