Sunday, July 9, 2017

Rescue Mission 2017 - AKA, The Dock's Resurrection!

In the beginning, there were 2 docks.  Water levels were high and everyone was excited.  One day, a very windy day, Mother Nature decided to play mean.  The docks were thrown around and turned on their side, and thus began the Rescue Mission of 2017.  Thank Heavens for good knot tying, STRONG neighbors/cabin friends and smart ideas - the docks have been rescued and cheering could be heard!
 The beginning, it was so very sad to see our dock like this upon arriving one day!
 The water started to go down and that meant we could try to work on the dock.  Our neighbors tried to pull their dock out, only to get it really close to ours and realize they needed more help.  We also realized that some of the metal on one gang-plank had been torn.  This resulted in a lot of smaller boards falling out.  Thankfully, they did not float off but they sank close by the "death site" of the dock.  The boys and I spent some hours finding all the boards and getting them out of the water.  We also spent some time finding the missing poles to the dock.  Caleb used his awesome scout knot tying skills and we tried to pull a pole out on our own.  Again, we realized we needed more help and muscle.
 Introduce the muscle ~ our neighbors are strong and great people.  We all spent a good portion of July 4th weekend raising the docks from the dead.  We got Jessie's dock out with muscle, knots and Jessie's truck.  Then came our dock, which was harder because our dock is bigger, longer and heavier.
 Lots more muscle, some good ideas, several sunburns and Jessie's truck again......
and our dock was up and partially functioning again!!!!  YEAH!!!!!  So thankful to the McCallisters! So thankful for Rob and not giving up, but also being willing to fix the dock, again this year.  Also thankful for my cute kids who looked for the boards and poles, who took sticks and placed them in the submerged poles so that other boaters would not crash into them and who waited patiently for their dock to be rescued so that they could once again jump off of it and use it for reading and lounging and playing.  And so, so happy that our dock is rescued!  Now on to fixing it and making sure Mother Nature parties nice from now on. 

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