Friday, January 4, 2008

Man it's cold

So it's been super cold out the past few days. We haven't had any snow lately, but we have had some rain and very low temps with high winds. I spent most of yesterday putting up plastic on our windows to help keep out the freezing cold air. It seems to be helping a little. With the temps so low we've been stuck inside to keep warm. My lifesaver has been that we cleaned up the basement and made it a fun kids play room last week. The boys love going down there and so being stuck inside with them for the past two days hasn't been too bad. Cooper has been teething though so it's made for a few meltdowns on both his and my part. Jonathan hasn't been able to get home the past few nights until either after the kids are asleep, or just before they should be. So my nerves are a little frayed. But the good news is that he's off work for his vacation starting tonight!!!! We have a whole week! Jackson is excited for Jonathan to take him to school. We had asked off this next week because my birthday is on Sat the 12th. So we thought it would be nice for him to be off for that since he's been on call for Christmas, Christmas Eve, our Anniversary, New Years, etc. But some how the guys making the schedule didn't get that when we asked off for the week of the 7th that meant we wanted vacation to start on the 7th. So they instead gave him off from the 5th to the 11th and then put him on call on the 12th (my birthday!).

Douglas is getting so big and he's so happy. He loves it when you talk to him and just sits and smiles so big. The other night while he was having his tummy time I got out the camera to get a picture of him. Everytime the red light on the camera would light up, saying it was focused, he would smile. So I made a slideshow of all his cute smiles, plus a few extra.

Cooper the cowboy

Swinging his hat over his head when he says "Yeehaw!"

I forgot this picture in the slide show. Look at that hair!!

Here's something funny Jonathan put together about Cooper. Enjoy!

PS Don't worry. A blog about Jackson is coming soon. We haven't forgot about him. :-)

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Rob said...

You guys are cool. Cooper, that was funny. Seeing those pictures of Douglas were so cute! Hearing Peter cry as we try to get him to sleep in a big boy bed make me wish he was smiling and happy just like that right now. :) Also it makes me hope for a happy Gray #3. I hope this next one is sweet tempered and happy. Diedre