Sunday, August 23, 2009

Binky envy

We took Spencer's binky away-permanently-about two weeks ago. We tried trimming it, by cutting off a small piece off every few days, but it didn't phase him. We ended up having to just throw it out. He was fine until today.

Aaaaahhhhhhh, Spencer! So I'm laying on the living room couch, enjoying a hard-earned Sunday afternoon nap. Then I hear a strangled screech coming from somewhere in the house. "Spen-ceeeeeerrrrrrrrr! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo........!!!" He had opened a drawer halfway up a row of drawers, and used it to boost himself up onto the kitchen counter. Then he got into the spice cabinet, and had a grand old time opening spice bottles and dumping them all over himself, the toaster, counter, stove, open drawer and kitchen floor. In all he emptied about 30 spice bottles-including a bottle of Kitchen Bouquet, Browning and Seasoning sauce. That stuff stains. Bad. You know how spices smell really good? Yeah. Not all mixed together, all at once.

Later we were perusing one our family picture albums when Spencer starting yelling and trying to pluck the binky in one of the pictures-out of the picture. Seriously. He reached out his little hand and tried to pinch the binky to get it out of the picture, which incidentally was his own binky in his own mouth--in the picture. And boy was he upset when he couldn't get it!

Following are pics from our vacation in July. These were taken in Solvang, CA, a Dutch-settled town over 2 hours north of L.A.

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Heidi Mae said...

I always loved going to Solvang! Looks like you guys had fun.