Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Summer's last hurrah!

Whew! I cannot believe that our summer is done (technically there are more days, but we all know about school...). I really have tried to help the boys have fun these last few weeks, exploring our options with discovering nature, discovering our surroundings with new things to do. Helping them play nicely together... all of that. But last night was our final big thing for Caleb, our last Hurrah! before his big day tomorrow. It was a surprise for him and he was excited when we pulled into the parking lot and he realized what was going on. We took him to Jungle Jim's Play land for the evening and I think the boys just loved it. Peter loved the rocket ship ride (I think they went 3 or 4 times), he loved getting tickets from the little games they played, and he had fun on the bumper cars; although he did not quite figure out how to go in a straight line. Willy had fun walking around and trying to hit all the colored buttons as Peter, Caleb and I whammed them down for tickets. He had a lot of fun stomping. I, Diedre, had fun watching the boys (Caleb's complete exhilaration at riding the small roller coaster, Peter's bravery at riding all the rides, and Willy exploring), enjoyed the bumper car ride, and got queasy on the tea-cup ride with Peter; I just do not do well with spinning things. Rob loved the small roller coaster ride and he was very grateful for the dinner of pizza.
Now for Caleb, the reason we went in the first place. He had so much fun! Out in the parking lot he was jumping up and down and exclaiming shouts of YES and YEAH! He got to ride all of the rides (he says they were all his favorite) and play a bunch of games so that he could win tickets and get some fun little prizes. He was such a wild man on the small green roller coaster; he was raising his hand in the air pointing in triumph, his face had a smile or open "I'm loving it!" expression the whole time, and he was laughing non-stop. He was a great little bumper car driver and it was fun to be out there with him, crashing into each other. And he says he loved the spinning tea-cup ride. I asked the boys if they had fun and they both loved it. Caleb said it was the best way to end his summer, I was glad to hear that.
Tomorrow he starts school. First grade! He is excited, for recess. :) And for some reason I am not excited. I am not emotional, just not excited. I think I am apprehensive to see how he does with full day school. Wondering how Peter will do with Caleb gone all day. Sad that my Caleb will be gone from be for so long. And sad that our summer adventures are over. So, I guess in a way I am a tiny bit emotional. But I know he will do great and he is very excited to make new friends and see old ones. My kid, he is growing up! PA bought him some new clothes yesterday and Caleb looks so great in his new jeans and button up shirts. He is such a handsome boy and in his words he looked "GREAT!" He is a good kid and we love him so much! OH, and one last, last hurrah; this is Caleb's final day to sleep in. Tomorrow morning, hello early days. UGH! Good luck to everyone else starting school. We love you all!


Jason said...

Funny! You are the Mario Andretti of bumper cars, Diedre!

Dacia said...

Yay! This looks so FUN!

Dacia said...

I don't think that there is any way that I would fit into one of those cars right now! :)