Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Silly us

I guess I should say, silly Diedre for coming up with "wacky" ideas. We started a new thing called “Wacky Week” at our house today. School starts in just 2 weeks (ugh!) and I figured a little more fun and silliness was needed before we get down with school. So we started with Wacky Week, a week filled with silly things to just have fun. I think Caleb made the most of the day. Peter did not seem to be in the wacky mood, he participated with us but at the same time he was not gung-ho. We started the week with “Eat in Wacky places” and we had fun. Breakfast was eaten under the table, and Caleb and Peter decided to eat two different cereals in one bowl, to make life more wacky. So fun. We made wacky hats and then Caleb ate his lunch in the tree while Peter ate his sitting in the bench under the tree. Then for dinner we ate our food behind the couch. The boys have liked being silly and the most fun was watching them ride their motorcycles tonight (note to people not in Utah: PA bought the boys a battery operated motorcycle in a yard sale and they just cruise around in those together). Back to wacky week, the boys were doing all sorts of trick riding. Standing up, standing with one foot up on the seat or with both legs over the handle bars. Caleb even tried riding backwards tonight. They were having fun. Now they are falling asleep with glow sticks and their beds are in wacky places for the week. The rest of Wacky Weeks includes: wacky clothes (backwards and inside out), eating with our fingers, no work day on Saturday (yes that means no dishes for mom, no cleaning just playing), try to do everything backwards day (walk backwards, eat backwards, read stories backwards.....), food mix-up (ice cream for breakfast...). I think it will be fun. I really want to make the most of the time Caleb has before going to school and getting serious. So, why am I sharing this personal family silliness with all of you? Just so that I can share the silly photos and let you know that Willy even got in on the christening of Wacky Week. The photos:

And for Willy B. This boy, cracks me up. He did not want to miss out on Wacky Week I guess because he made his own fun. I had Peter in a bath this morning, then Peter got out and did not drain the tub. The three boys were upstairs together, I was downstairs and I heard Peter say that Willy just got in the tub. What? I go up to investigate and this is what I found.

Silly man, he wanted to get in that water so much that he crawled right in, clothes and all, and just started to play. He was having so much fun and Peter came in to tell me that Willy snuck into the bathtub, Peter was loving it and so was Willy. HAPPY SUMMER! Live it up!!!!!

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Dacia said...

This is such a fun idea! Diedre always comes up with fun stuff. Jealous that you can think of it!