Friday, June 29, 2012

Before the smoke came...

Before our week's plans were changed we had some good adventures.  We took a hike up to Peter's cave to get a closer look.  We have hiked to Caleb's before and that was not too hard.  Peter's however is really high up and it took some tough little kids to make it up that far.  In this picture you can see how high up we went from the main highway.
The crazy thing is we did not even make it to the opening of the cave.  There were a lot of little rocks on the trail that kept making us slide down and the higher up we went the more difficult it became for William.  He was tired and we decided that we had gone far enough.  Caleb could have kept going but he was very helpful with Haley.  Peter was a champion and did it all on his own and also helped William by encouraging him and holding his hand for part of the way.  
A close-up of the cave.
Here is another view of Peter's cave.  Very cool.  We will have to wait until another day to get closer.   Those two little kids are Peter and William.  Peter waited with William while I took Haley down to sit with Caleb.  Then I went back up to help William down.
Caleb made another fun discovery at the cabin, he found this wood pecker's nest in a hollow tree by our cabin.  Such fun times!  Now, if only that fire would stop burning.

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